Transgender Athlete Injures Female Player In Women’s Soccer 

A transgender activist and biological male athlete, Riley Dennis, has come under scrutiny after a video surfaced showing an incident where a female player was injured during a women’s soccer league game in New South Wales, Australia.

According to Reduxx, footage captured Dennis aggressively tackling a smaller female opponent during a May 21 match between the Inter Lions and St. George soccer teams on May 21, with Dennis playing for the Inter Lions FC.  

The tackle caused the female player to collide with a metal fence and lie motionless on the ground while Dennis casually walked away. 

Sources disclosed that the injured player was unable to resume training until later in the week, and even then, it was only with light intensity. Multiple individuals, including a senior referee, have reviewed the footage and unanimously agreed that the tackle was “unnecessary.”

According to reports, Dennis has been a subject of complaints for dominating the semi-professional women’s league, consistently leading in goals scored. This recent incident is not the first time he has allegedly injured female players in the past.

A previous report by Daily Mail Australia highlighted the discontent among players and parents over Dennis’ dominance in the female soccer league. During a game in March, the trans activist allegedly wounded female athletes from an opposing team. This was followed by calls to ban trans women from participating in female soccer games.

Although Dennis was not outrightly named in the report, Reduxx confirmed that he was the one being referred to based on pictures posted on social media in which a much smaller player can be seen struggling with the biological male. “Totally unfair for all the females in the competition,” someone wrote.

The controversy surrounding Dennis adds to the concerns about the fairness of allowing biologically male athletes to compete in women’s sports as the inclusion of trans athletes in girls’ and women’s sports is seen as a nullification of the concept of fair competition.