Former Hamas Hostage Says She Was Abducted By Palestinian Civilians

A former Israeli hostage who got released during a truce between Israel and Hamas in November says that it was Palestinian civilians who abducted her from her home in Israel on Oct. 7 not Hamas militants. According to Nili Margalit, Palestinian civilians joined in the attack Hamas carried out on Israel.

Telling French publication Le Point about her horrifying experience getting kidnapped, Margalit revealed that her home was raided before she got taken away. “They exploded plates, turned the house upside down and started a fire,” she shared.

Margalit added that the Palestinian civilians who abducted her from her home in Nir Oz on Oct. 7 sold her to Hamas.

“They negotiated with Hamas to sell me. When they were paid, I was taken straight into a tunnel,” she stated.

“There are no innocent citizens there. They are families controlled by Hamas. There are children who from the moment they are born are taught that Israel is Palestine and just to hate Jews,” she added.

Sharing her ordeal in the hands of Hamas captors, she said, “At first, I told myself it would only last two days. Then I understood that Israel would never pay for so many hostages. This depressed some of us. We had to hold on psychologically.”

Other hostages who have been released have told similar tales of being sold. Some have also reported being worked as slaves and given very little to eat.

According to Breitbart News, Margalit’s claims are consistent with the reports of survivors of the Nir Oz attack. When the outlet visited the attack scene in November, survivors said that Palestinian civilians had joined in the attack and looting carried out by Hamas once the terrorist group had breached the kibbutz boundary.

“For me, it was the whole Palestinian community doing this — looting, killing, torturing, deliberately,” Irit Lahav, who survived the attack in her home’s safe room with her 22-year-old daughter, said.

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