Saudi Arabia Helped Defend Israel From Iranian Attack, Source Says

Saudi Arabia on Monday reportedly played a role in defending Israel from an attack from the Islamic Republic of Iran over the weekend.

A source from the Saudi royal family indicated Saudi Arabia’s involvement “thwarting Iranian attack drones bound for Israel the previous evening, citing that Saudi Arabian airspace automatically intercepts ‘any suspicious entity,’” as reported by KAN News.

According to the source, the country has a system that can automatically intercept any suspicious entity that passes through its airspace.

The source also blamed Iran for instigating the Gaza war between Israel and Hamas by pushing the terrorist group to attack Israel on Oct. 7, thereby thwarting efforts for Israel and Saudi Arabia to normalize relations.

As KAN News reported, the official said, “Iran is a nation that endorses terrorism, and the world should have curtailed it much earlier.”

However, the Al Arabiya news site reported that sources denied Saudi Arabia’s involvement in the interception of Iranian drones and missiles.

The United States and the United Kingdom as well as France, Jordan and U.A.E. helped Israel shoot down hundreds of missiles and drones launched at the Jewish state on Saturday.

Saturday’s attack, which the Iranian government claims is in retaliation for Israel’s killing of top Iranian generals on April 1, will be the first direct attack Iran would launch against Israel. Iran, a designated state sponsor terrorism, usually carries out attacks through terror proxies, backing them with funds while managing to avoid international repercussions

Israel is expected to launch its own retaliatory attack against Iran, with a wide range of options including military strikes, cyberattacks, covert operations and elimination of key Iranian figures.

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