Trump Has Seduced The GOP, Dem Rep. Says

Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-VA) had some things to say about former President Donald Trump in an appearance on MSNBC’s “Deadline.” According to him, Trump is a “narcissistic sociopath” who has fooled and seduced the Republican Party.

“We are really watching a narcissistic sociopath in action. The problem with sociopaths is they fool a lot of people. They develop external skills in terms of charm and even a detainment skill that really can seduce. I think we have seen mass seduction of a large chunk of the population when it comes to Donald Trump and they have to really kind of filter out other reality,” he said.

The lawmaker went on to draw differences between Trump and President Joe Biden.

“Objectively, every court found Joe Biden won the election and challenges to that were frivolous, every single court over 60 of them. The facts didn’t matter, did they?” he continued. “With Donald Trump, you have to put aside the fact that he has been criminally indicted on 88 counts in four different venues. To say nothing of the fact he’s already been found guilty and fined a half $1 billion from sexual assault to massive civil fraud in his business dealings in the state of New York. In any other circumstance, I would think, the average American would take that very seriously. In this case, for some reason Donald Trump gets a pass by his cultist followers.”

Connolly’s remarks came days after he and two other House Democrats proposed the renaming of the Miami Federal Correctional Institution after Trump in response to a Republican proposal to rename the Washington Dulles Airport in Virginia after the former president.

In the press release introducing the legislation, Connolly wrote, “When our Republican colleagues introduced their bill to rename Dulles after Donald Trump, I said the more fitting option would be to rename a federal prison. I see no reason to wait. Donald Trump faces nearly 100 felony charges. He has been found liable of sexual abuse and, subsequently, for defaming the victim of that abuse. He has been fined hundreds of millions of dollars in a civil fraud case,”

“It is only right that the closest federal prison to Mar-a-Lago should bear his name. I hope our Republican friends will join us in bestowing upon Donald J. Trump the only honor he truly deserves,” he added.

He also took to X, writing, “Some Republicans want to rename Dulles International Airport after Donald Trump.@RepMoskowitz, @RepGaramendi, and I think the “Donald J. Trump Federal Correctional Institution” has a better ring to it.”

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