Actor Rob Schneider Speaks About Endorsing RFK Jr.

Actor and comedian Rob Schneider spoke out in support of independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. during an appearance on “‘Fox & Friends First” this week.

According to Schneider, Kennedy is the only presidential candidate talking about the things that truly matter to Americans, including healthcare.

“We spent five times more than they do in Europe for health care. And we have way worse results. We can’t have 60% of the American population, unhealthy, 54% of children. That needs to be the biggest story for you guys in all mass media. The fact that children have chronic illness at over 50%, that’s a 10-12 year old statistic. So we have to get people healthy,” he stated.

“He’s talking about things that really matter,” he continued, adding that politicians need to focus on getting people healthy instead of focusing on “forever wars.”

The “Saturday Night Live” veteran went on to tackle the idea of the 2024 election being down to President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump.

“Its entrenched power. And right now the Democrats have the entrenched power,” he stated, adding, “The Democrats now suddenly turned out to not be the party of the people. Now that is the party of forever wars and the party of censorship. And there’s direct proof now, thanks to Elon Musk buying Twitter for $44 billion, a nice little thing to do on a weekend, is that you can see that there’s actual talk about collusion with Russia. We have collusion, First Amendment. And of course the Justice Department did nothing about it. But there’s proof that the United States government colluded and told social media what they wanted to do. And that’s a direct violation of Americans’ First amendment rights.”

Schneider also ripped Republicans for failing to impeach Biden, a reason he gave for his decision to not support Republicans.

“The Republicans are getting closer and closer to doing nothing about Biden and the impeachment. They’re this close,” he stated.

“It’s so embarrassing. They should at least have some hearing where they can just say everything out and in some sort of process besides what they’re doing now, but it’s really humiliating when you really get to see just how tawdry the Biden family is,” he added.

Schneider will be appearing at Kennedy’s upcoming comedy fundraiser which is aimed at criticizing wokeness.

The “Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo” actor predicted the end of wokeness, saying, “… I think it has to be close to collapse. As my good friend James Lindsay said, ‘It’s about 12-18 months away from a collapse.’”

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