Michael Cohen Says A Trump Second Term Will Cancel Free Election

Former President Donald Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen is warning that Trump will never allow a free election in the United States should he win the 2024 election. According to Cohen, Trump wants to be president for life and will not vacate the White House after another one term.

Cohen gave his theory in an interview with Politico, saying, “If, God forbid a million times, Donald wins the election in 2024, there will never be another election again in America.”

“Because Donald believes, like Putin, that it doesn’t matter who you vote for; all that matters is who’s counting the vote. So there might be this impression of an election, but it will never be a legitimate election ever again. He has no intention of being another one-term president. This, for him, is presidency for life,” he added.

Cohen then expressed doubts that Trump will win the general election in November, as he believes the former president angered some people with his claims that he was the catalyst for the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

“I don’t believe that Trump is going to win this election. I believe that as a result of his taking credit for the overturning of Roe v. Wade, he has angered a group of America — specifically women in America and those men that support women for women’s reproductive rights — and I think that that’s just one of the very stupid things that Trump, the GOP, MAGA, has done,” Cohen stated.

Cohen also weighed in on Trump’s vice potential presidential pick, predicting that it will be a woman.

According to Cohen, running alongside a woman is a way for Trump to show that he is not the “misogynist that he is.”

“And I think if he could find a woman of color, that would be better. But he won’t do it. I see somebody like a Nancy Mace or maybe even [Sen. Katie] Britt, because of their looks,” he added.

Cohen, who is testifying against Trump in his hush money case, went on to say that the GOP presumptive nominee’s status is what has kept him from a quick indictment in some of his cases.

“If it was you or anybody else, they would already have been indicted, the case would have already proceeded and chances are they would have already been convicted and sentenced,” he said.

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