Illegal Alien Who Championed Squatting Facing Potential Gun Charges

Federal firearm charges might be filed against a Venezuelan illegal alien who was picked up by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials last week after making a video teaching other illegal aliens how to steal people’s homes through squatting.

According to a report by The New York Post, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is considering bringing federal charges against Leonel Moreno.

“The exact charges are not known, but sources said they would likely be brought under a section of the Gun Control Act which prohibits those on parole from possessing, shipping, transporting or receiving firearms or ammunition,” the report stated, adding that ATF has been in contact with ICE over the illegal alien.

Some of the videos posted on social media by Moreno shows him at firearms stores holding guns and asking his followers for their preferences. He reportedly also claimed that he could buy the firearms in stores.

According to John Fabbricatore, a former ICE field office director in Denver, “Charges under [Gun Control Act section] 922.g are a serious matter and can result in significant legal consequences for Moreno.”

“This should be a warning to any illegal aliens that possessing a firearm unlawfully will result in criminal charges and hopefully lead to a conviction,” he stated.

There is no proof that Moreno purchased a firearm at a store at any point. However, former special agent for the ATF Peter Forcelli told The Post that the potential charges are likely because he is an illegal immigrant in possession of a firearm transported across state lines.

“Based on the fact that he’s advocating going into people’s homes and taking them over is incredibly concerning,” Forcelli stated.

Moreno was picked up by ICE last week for being “an unlawfully present citizen of Venezuela, who illegally entered the country April 23, 2022.”

According to a statement by the agency, he “was placed into the ATD [Alternatives to Detention] program by Border Patrol and was told to report to Enforcement and Removal Operations office within 60 days of arriving at his destination.”

He, however, failed to report as he was required to.

In one of his social media videos that went viral, Moreno instructed fellow illegal aliens to “seize” inhabited homes belonging to U.S. citizens by squatting, claiming he has friends who have taken over 7 homes using that tactic.

“Guys, here in the United States, the squatter’s law is also in effect. And I think that this will be my next business, squatting in abandoned houses. I already got some cheat codes from my African friends. And they told me that they have already seized about 7 houses,” Moreno stated.

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