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Fox News Proposes Vice Presidential Debate To Trump, Biden Campaign

Fox News Media has invited former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden to participate in a vice presidential debate before the November election. In a letter to both campaigns, the outlet requested the chance to host a vice presidential debate, proposing July 23, August 13 or any dates that come after both nomination conventions. Fox...

Cotton Says There’s Been No Evidence Of Crime In Trump’s Manhattan Case

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) said on Thursday that there has not been “evidence of any crime whatsoever” in former President Donald Trump’s hush money trial in New York. Cotton made the comment during an interview on CNN’s “News Central” when host Kate Bolduan pointed to a wave of Republican lawmakers showing up in court in...

KJP Avoids Question About Biden Blocking Release Of Damning Audio

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre tried to defend the White House’s decision to prevent the release of President Joe Biden’s recorded interview with Special Counsel Robert Hur who conducted a criminal investigation into Biden’s handling of classified documents. House leaders were informed on Thursday that Biden asserted executive privilege over the audio recordings from...

Kennedy Accuse Biden And Trump Of Colluding To Exclude Him From Debate

Kennedy has expressed displeasure at the requirement that seeks to block him from participating in a couple of presidential debates proposed by Biden. In a post to X, he accused Trump and Biden of “colluding” to exclude him from the debate, saying, “Presidents Trump and Biden are colluding to lock America into a head-to-head...

Democrat Big Donor Donates $1M To Trump Campaign

Tech adviser Jacob Helberg, who is known for donating large sums to Democrats, has donated $1 million to former President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign, in a move that puts him with the big money donors of Silicon Valley that have ditched President Joe Biden and supported Trump. According to The Washington Post, Helberg was a...

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Just In...

Burgum Says Trump’s Hush Money Case Shouldn’t Have Been Criminal

North Dakota Republican Governor Doug Burgum spoke against the hush money case against former President Donald Trump. During an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper on Sunday, he said the case should have been treated like a business crime not a criminal case. “I’m a business guy. This is a business filing case. If it was...

Trump Calls For Arrest Of ‘Deranged’ Special Counsel

Former President Donald Trump is asking for Special Counsel Jack Smith to be held responsible after he admitted that seized documents in Trump’s classified documents case have been jumbled and are not in their original sequence and order. In a post to Truth Social on Friday, Trump called for Smith’s arrest, saying, "Now, Deranged Jack...

Trump Campaign, RNC Sues Nevada For Violating Federal Election Law

The Trump presidential campaign with the Republican National Committee and the Nevada Republican Party filed a lawsuit against the state of Nevada for allowing mail-in ballots to be counted four days after Election Day. The lawsuit challenges a Nevada law that allows mail-in ballots to be counted if they are postmarked before the end of...

Biden Gives Illegal Immigrants Access To Obamacare

President Joe Biden is facing controversy over a plan that would make some illegal immigrants qualify for government-backed health care coverage. According to the plan which Biden announced on Friday, illegal immigrants in the United States who had received Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival status because their parents brought them into the country would be...

Brown University Decides To Consider Divestment

Brown University caved to the demands of anti-Israel protesters this week. The university’s leadership has promised to consider voting on divestment from Israel, one of the protesters’ main demands, if they agree to take down their encampment on campus which began last Wednesday. Brown would be the first university to consider divesting from Israel as...

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