Christian Teacher Fired For Refusing To Conceal Gender Transitions

A California teacher with strong Christian beliefs was fired from her job when she refused to comply with her school district’s gender policies.

Jessica Tapia, who taught physical education in the Jurupa Unified School District, told Fox News Digital that she could not comply with expectations that she hide students’ gender transitions from their parents. Further, she felt she had to lie to parents to follow the district’s directives.

Tapia then told the district that she could not follow orders that contradict her “beliefs, convictions, and faith.”

Among those orders were that she refer to students by their preferred pronouns and conceal that information from their parents. As a PE teacher, she was also instructed to allow transgender students into the locker room that aligned with their selected gender identity.

The district asserted that students have a right to privacy — even if it is from their own parents.

The district said not allowing biological boys into the female locker room amounted to “discrimination.” Tapia said she “was very clear with them.” If they are a biological male student, “I’m not letting them in the female locker room.”

The now-former teacher said “it was crazy to be in the position where I realized that I couldn’t be a Christian and a teacher.

That’s exactly what happened, and it was confirmed through a notice under district Superintendent Trenton Hansen’s letterhead. The school system said they were unable to accommodate her Christian beliefs preventing her from suppressing information on children’s gender transitions from parents.

The letter, signed by assistant superintendent of human resources Daniel Brooks, made the reasoning clear. “The District cannot accommodate your religious beliefs that…prohibit you from…disclosing a student’s gender identity from his/her/their parent(s)/guardians.”

The notice concluded with, “Consequently, the District will release you from your employment effective at the end of the day on January 31, 2023.”

Tapia asserted that kids of this young age should not have this “privacy” where their parents are being left in the dark.

She told Fox News Digital that she went into teaching to help kids who came from rough home environments similar to her own. But now, a bright light in the teaching profession has been sacrificed on the altar of woke gender ideology.