Why Biden Is To Blame For The Fiasco In Afghanistan

The situation in Afghanistan is becoming worse with each passing day, as the Taliban begin to implement their extremist Islamic rule in the state. And it appears that Biden and his administration identify that the Afghan crisis has gotten out of their hands due to poor and ignorant strategies. The administration has miserably failed to turn this situation in their favor as Biden is receiving criticism from the Left for causing this crisis. Donald Trump is also receiving heavy backlash, as some people claim that Trump initially set the premises for the Afghan problem. But the propaganda that both Trump and Biden are responsible for this crisis is nothing but an attempt by the Democrats to maintain Biden’s support in the upcoming Midterm elections by creating confusion among the public regarding who is to blame for this Afghanistan fiasco.

The Democrats’ failed attempt to shield Biden from being blamed for the Afghanistan crisis can be broken down with the following facts as we compare the situation of Afghanistan during Trump and Biden’s presidency. For instance, during Trump’s administration, Afghanistan was relatively peaceful. The women were empowered enough to step out in public and educational institutes were open for both genders. The casualties rates for U.S. soldiers were down to zero in a year. Trump’s plan to evacuate from Afghanistan was first to evacuate the American citizens, then the weaponry, and finally, the military, ensuring a safe evacuation. Trump also made strict deals with Afghanistan to ensure the safety of Americans and maintain democracy in Afghanistan.

But under Biden’s administration, the hasty withdrawal of forces and the abandonment of the Bagram airbase gave the Taliban access to endless ammunition and power. Biden also deprived the Afghan forces of all military aid, leaving them powerless against the Taliban. Today, states are entirely reliant on the Taliban for evacuating their helpless citizens from Afghanistan. And now, frequent incidents of violence against minorities are coming to light. The Taliban have brutally murdered countless men, and they will continue to do so as there is no one to control them at this point.

Due to such dire conditions in Afghanistan, the U.S. has offered refuge to many Afghans. Still, we must also consider that this act of kindness can backfire for the U.S. if the people they are giving shelter become terrorists. It is very likely as many refugees are going un-checked because of their high influx to America.

So, Biden has miserably failed to manage the Afghan crisis to be in the best interests of the U.S. and the Afghans. The Taliban have gained control over Afghanistan, and who knows what violent acts they might commit. And only Biden is to be blamed for this debacle. This blame cannot be distributed with Trump as Biden was the one in charge of this situation. Suppose he was unsure of the plans that the previous administration had set for Afghanistan. In that case, he could have made new strategies, but implementing these plans makes him solely responsible for this disaster.