The Result Of Vladimir Putin And Joe Biden’s Video Call Is Not Good

In terms of how he handled the economy, Joe Biden received only 28% approval and 69 percent disapproval. When the economy is the most critical issue on Americans’ minds, those are staggering figures.

According to the latest survey, 55% of Americans disapprove of President Joe Biden’s handling of Russian ties, and 38% do not trust him to deal with Vladimir Putin. It is down from Biden’s previous high of 49% in June when he stated he sharply cautioned Putin about his actions. Only 38% of people trust Biden when dealing with Putin, down from 50% in June. According to reports, Russian President Vladimir Putin has dispatched an extra 30,000 troops to the region, bringing the total number of soldiers to 175,000.

According to the reports, there have been claims that Putin set up mobile crematoriums to burn the corpses of those who were slain so that the Russians would not see caskets returning. According to the news, Putin may be bluffing, but he is very excellent at not faking it. He’s bringing those troops in. Russian President Vladimir Putin’s discussion with President Joe Biden that he’s adding at least 10,000 additional troops. It’s a great bluff.

Furthermore, On a phone chat with Russian President Vladimir Putin, President Joe Biden said that instead of talking about “accommodations,” he should have emphasized, they need to back off immediately. The difficulty with having a weak leader in the White House, everyone knows it, and Biden’s weakness, he claims, makes this moment very hazardous for the United States and our friends.