The Biden Administration Just Made Another ‘Horrific Mistake’ In Afghanistan

With each passing day, the Afghan crisis is becoming worse, as Biden and his administration fail to stabilize the situation to be in their favor. The deadline for Biden’s withdrawal of forces from Afghanistan is just around the corner, but the White House is severely struggling with safely evacuating its citizens from the danger zone.

As many rescue efforts to evacuate these citizens continue, it looks pretty likely that terrorists may easily use such channels to come to the U.S. For instance, a report by the Washington Examiner reveals that The State Department is circulating blank visa forms among Afghans who are looking to escape Kabul. According to speculation by Kenneth Gray, a former FBI Agent, such documents can easily be accessed by extremists in Afghanistan, who might use them to acquire access to the U.S. as the current screening procedures for refugees are not that efficient because of their high influx.


Another American civilian stuck in Kabul reported that he, along with thousands of other Afghan citizens, have received visa papers to acquire Special Immigrant Visas to the U.S., which appeared to be fake because of the lack of any authenticated signatures or logos and, therefore, could easily be replicated by any terrorist looking to escape the country. But it turns out that these visa forms were circulated by the U.S. State Department itself and are merely another ill-planned move on the part of the administration. These Special Visa Forms distributed by the State department have no bar codes or data to authenticate if they are being used by the intended user, which gives people from Al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups an excellent chance to gain entry into America. However, many people like Gary Ackerman, a professor at a university in New York, believe that it is not that simple to forge documents for immigration. In addition to this, The Examiner Piece also reports that it may not be that easy for terrorists to come to America as the applications for these Special Immigrant Visas would be scanned against the crime and terror databases available to the U.S. government. Also, processes like facial or fingerprint recognition can authenticate the applicant’s identity and look for fraudulent behavior.

Although such methods can be relatively efficient in screening out terrorists, we still need to consider that a minor mistake on the part of an official responsible for screening these documents may result in these terrorists gaining entry to the U.S., which will put us in an even riskier situation. And this is just another example of an inefficient process established under the Biden administration.