Kohl’s Markets LGBTQ Clothes To Children, Faces Backlash

The rainbow has found a new home and it’s in the children’s section of Kohl’s stores. The retailer has recently entered the spotlight following its decision to introduce LGBTQ+ and Gay Pride attire for toddlers and little kids.

Among the items the Pride Month merchandise Kohl’s had to offer, the “Baby Sonoma Community Pride Bodysuit set” stood out. The apparel, designed for infants as young as 3 months old, features a graphic of a little boy in a wheelchair, a lesbian couple with a pet dog and their three kids, one of whom is seen holding the Gay Pride rainbow flag.

But Kohl’s didn’t stop there. The retailer also offered a variety of other Pride-themed items, including a “Love Is Love” banner, baby bibs, towels, shorts, candles and pillows. Additionally, shoppers could find apparel sporting slogans like “Be Proud” and “Ask Me My Pronouns.”

Reaction to Kohl’s move has not been positive. A conservative Twitter account, “End Wokeness,” criticized Kohl’s for its decision, comparing it to the recent controversies that have hit Bud Lite and Target for their involvement with LGBTQ+ promotions.

Moreover, Morgonn McMichael, a contributor and influencer from Turning Point USA, released a video condemning the merchandise. In the video, she argued that the promotion of such items is “disgusting” and serves as “blatant virtue signaling” that propagates “transgender ideology” among the nation’s youth.

The outcry didn’t stop there. Calls to boycott the retailer began to crop up across social media, as critics felt that such merchandising was pushing children towards decisions they were not ready to make, like hormonal therapy and sex reassignment surgery.

This wave of corporate interest in LGBTQ+ issues has seen other major players face public outcry and significant market share losses recently. A couple of weeks ago, Target was wrapped up in similar controversy over its LGBTQ+ kids’ clothing line. 

The retailer made headlines as consumers voiced their dissatisfaction with the company’s Pride kid’s clothing line. Items such as “tuck-friendly construction” swimsuits and “gender-fluid” mugs led to outrage, resulting in several Target locations moving their Pride sections to less prominent areas within the store.

Following the backlash, Target reportedly experienced a dip in market shares, dropping by an additional 12.6% or roughly $10 billion in market value. Bud Light has also reportedly lost over $16 billion after its collaboration with Transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney in marketing campaigns.

As these companies’ decisions are questioned, there’s a growing belief among many concerned parents that businesses are overstepping by encouraging young children to explore sexuality. 

The question remains – will these companies reconsider their approach or continue to press ahead with their Pride promotions? Regardless of their decision, concerned citizens and adults seem committed to ensuring children are protected from the inappropriate message woke overlords desperately want to spread to them.