GOP Lawmaker Sounds Off On Bidens Nasty Plan For Illegals Coming To Our Border

For months Republicans have been slamming the Democrats because of their lack of border security, and it may be coming to a head.

GOP lawmakers may finally come together and try to make something happen, but will it go anywhere? And if Biden is gone, would Kamala Harris be a fitting President? Polls show she wouldn’t.

“I don’t care how the President talks, and I care what the President does” is what one lawmaker said to a reporter. That’s precisely how all Americans should feel. Donald Trump was denied an election because of his mean tweets and racist border policies, yet Biden can’t even leave a press conference without asking permission.

The lawmaker continues, “what the President is doing at the southern border is almost criminal. We now know that there are, the new, the new strain of Covid, I believe it’s called, is coming through the southern border because they’re ravaging South America. We don’t know how potent it is. People say it’s more potent than the Delta variant, and they say it’s more deadly than the Delta variant. How are we allowing this?”

We aren’t. Biden is. That’s what it comes down to. Americans don’t want to be overrun with illegal immigrants, not because Americans are cruel, but because we understand the impact that will have for the next couple of decades on our economy and the progression of our country. We can’t take on more problems, and with the rate, illegal immigrants require government assistance and our rising inflation, we shouldn’t be responsible for carrying that burden when we didn’t create this problem.

He continued, “if you’re an American and you actually go to Mexico, and you want to come back to the United States as a citizen, you have to test negative for Covid-19. How is that fair? How does that make any sense?”

Yet the Democrats, who promote welfare and free government services, love the opportunity to disenfranchise liberty and pursue happiness. Their obsession with destroying the constitution and replacing it with socialism is baffling and insulting to the hard work Americans put in every single day. From unemployment to transporting illegal immigrants by federal agents, we pay for people not to work and get luxuries we aren’t entitled to. It has to end.

Every day, Jen Psaki and the Democratic Party make themselves look more and more like idiots. They tell you when they violate your rights and break the law. They make up new meanings for words and terms and create a policy that negatively affects everyone. The funny thing is Democrats and Republicans lose voters every day. Where are they going, you ask? The independent party. A poll from shows that from May 2021 to June 2021, Republicans lost 5% of their voting base, and Democrats lost 3% of their voting base to the independent party. Both parties should take note of this when going to either extreme.