Pro-Choice Democrat Claims Jesus Is Against Widespread Gun Ownership

Former Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) was called out on her hypocrisy when she attempted to speak for Jesus on the issue of guns. In a recent appearance on MSNBC, the left-wing politician expressed her belief that Jesus would not endorse the widespread possession of “weapons of war.”

McCaskill, known for her advocacy of gun control measures during her time in the Senate, invoked the image of Jesus as a “peaceful man” while highlighting her concerns about the current state of gun ownership in the United States.

“One of my grandchildren had his first communion over the weekend, and I listened to the homily at that service. And I was reminded about what a peaceful man Jesus was,” she remarked during the interview.

“I believe very firmly that Jesus would be shocked at what our country is allowing to happen,” she stated further.

Her remarks, made in the aftermath of the tragic mass shooting in Allen on Saturday, have ignited a spirited debate on social media. A good amount of the criticism she received came from users who weighed her purported knowledge of Jesus’ wishes with her pro-choice stance on abortion.

One user replied, “I can’t wait for Claire to see what the Bible says about the unborn,” suggesting that McCaskill’s position on reproductive rights contradicts her claim to know Jesus’ views on other issues.

The debate intensified as another user raised concerns about the consistency of McCaskill’s beliefs and the perceived selectiveness of her interpretation of Jesus’ teachings. “I think Jesus would take a dim view of abortion on demand, transgender child sexual mutilation, and human trafficking too, but @clairecmc promotes her own gospel,” the user tweeted.

Aside from the criticisms established on McCaskill’s pro-abortion views, her take also generated doubts due to the troves of weapons sent to Ukraine under the Democrat-led administration.

The discussion surrounding McCaskill’s comments has shed light on the complexities of intertwining religious beliefs and political ideologies as well as the double standards on the left. While many users were quick to dismiss her angle as hypocritical, some individuals chose to go into the Bible and school her on Jesus’ stance on weapons during his time on earth.

In the aftermath of the Allen mass shooting, McCaskill’s remarks have fueled the ongoing debate surrounding gun control in the United States. While gun control lobbyists are using the opportunity to peddle their agenda, those on the right have maintained that no gun control policies could have prevented the shooting.