Del Rio Illegal Immigrants Revolt Against US Agents In Bus Takeover

Migrants from Haiti were detained beneath a bridge in Del Rio, Texas when they revolted against customs officers and seized over a federally chartered bus. When the bus was hijacked by illegal immigrants from Del Rio to San Antonio, they fled custody.

According to local news sources, ICE acknowledged that “many passengers attempted to flee the bus and were able to escape for some time.”

The demonstration occurred in response to President Joe Biden’s proposal to evict hundreds of Haitians who had taken up residence beneath the bridge. The idea has been dubbed “hateful and xenophobic” by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.

Migrants from Haiti who were being carried aboard a privately hired government bus protested throughout the journey. According to two law enforcement officers, they grabbed possession of the commercial truck before fleeing. It’s unclear which federal agency was in charge of the transfer, requests for comment were sent to both CBP and ICE.

The Del Rio-Acuna International Bridge has become a vast camp for migrants crossing the Rio Grande River and waiting to be apprehended by the Border Patrol. While Border Patrol personnel are used to vast groups of non-citizens crossing, many stated they had never seen anything like it. Some people began hand-chopping tall wild plants and using them to construct tent-like shelters.

The worst odor comes from the dozens of portable toilets, which stretch five, six, and seven feet into the air. “When you go through here, it seems like you’re in another country,” said a border patrol agent.

Communication is impossible due to the lack of electrical outlets. There are no fans or air conditioning, and Monday was another hot summer day with the high 90s. Because there is no water on-site, the toilets are only a few feet away from the only source of freshwater, which is carried in big barrels. As of Monday, 12,000 individuals remained at the camp, despite Border Patrol’s best efforts to evacuate them.