‘Cry Me A River’: A Progressive Democrat Regrets Voting ‘No’ On The Gavin Newsom Recall

According to the reports, Governor Hairiness is too responsible for some gridlock, owing to CARB legislation prohibiting trucks older than 2011 from driving in the state and AB5, eliminating independent owner-operators. The California Employment Development Department is responsible for $20 billion in unemployment fraud, and over 100,000 California residents’ claims are still pending.

A Bay Area journalist who voted “NO” to have Gavin Newsom recalled is celebrating his victory in the California recall election. However, as a longtime Democrat who voted against the recall, it is believed that this celebration obscures a troubling trend that emerged throughout the epidemic. He has often issued or refused to implement requirements that benefit particular interest organizations who have given vast sums of money to his campaigns.

Although 48 outbreaks in jails have been traced directly to prison employees, Gavin Newsom resisted a judge’s decision to require COVID-19 immunizations for correctional officers in California. Newsom received $1.5 million from the prison guards union to assist him in defeating the recall effort. It is the same PG&E that donated to Jennifer Siebel Newsom’s non-profit organization, indicating a glaring conflict of interest.

Moreover, according to the Prog Princess, California Governor Gavin Newsom lied about his wildfire protection measures and how teachers’ unions determine school reopening. Just wait till she learns about the union’s lavish spending on Hair Gel and his agreement to let the union control when schools reopen.

It is another evidence of his hypocrisy in the face of the epidemic. He was found breaking his own rules (the French Laundry episode) and taking his children to an in-person private school while refusing to require public schools to open last year. It also explains why public school employees in California are still exempt from a stringent vaccine obligation since they are permitted to test weekly rather than be vaccinated.

The Prog Princess is enraged because California Governor Gavin Newsom favors his particular interests, of which she is not one. She’d be cleaning his turds and shouting his praises if she were a member of the groups that throw money into Newsom’s coffers. She wants all of the vaccination requirements and passport foolishness to be implemented, but she only wants it to be fair.