Biden Administration Mounts Unrelenting Assault On Catholic Church

The Biden administration has been facing backlash over its treatment of Catholic Americans. Critics argue that the administration is targeting the Catholic Church in an unprecedented manner, utilizing agencies such as the FBI and the Department of Justice to infiltrate and prosecute church members. The aggressive stance has raised concerns among religious experts and conservatives alike, who question the administration’s motives and the impact on religious freedom.

Despite being only the second Catholic president in U.S. history, Joe Biden’s administration has increasingly come under fire for its actions towards the Catholic Church. One significant point of contention is an FBI memo from earlier this year that labeled traditional Catholics as a domestic threat. Additionally, it was revealed that the FBI had used undercover informants to spy on Catholic churches to gather information.

Andrea Picciotti-Bayer, director of the Conscience Project and a fellow at the Institute of Human Ecology at the Catholic University of America, referred to anti-Catholicism as “the last acceptable prejudice.” She expressed concern over the administration’s embrace of this bigotry, noting the FBI’s witch hunts, the intimidation of Catholic Supreme Court Justices, and the pressure placed on Catholic hospitals to comply with the demands of gender ideology.

Another troubling development is the rise in attacks against Catholic churches. According to a Family Research Council (FRC) report, these incidents have surged in the past two years, and 2023 is set to witness a record-high level of attacks. In addition, the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center’s recent “cease and desist” order for Catholic priests also points to a troubling trend in the relationship between the administration and the Catholic Church.

Perhaps the most alarming contrast in the administration’s treatment of Catholics is the recent plea deal offered to Maeve Nota, a transgender individual accused of vandalizing a Catholic church and assaulting a church employee. The Department of Justice recommended no jail time for Nota, suggesting a stark disparity compared to the treatment of Catholic pro-life activist Mark Houck, whose home was raided by over 15 FBI agents before he was charged with violating the FACE Act.

Meg Kilgannon, FRC’s senior fellow for Education Studies, expressed concern over the precedent these types of attacks on Catholics might set for the future. Kilgannon emphasized the importance of prayer and penance, particularly as the president claims to be a devout Catholic while simultaneously working against Catholic teachings and the church itself.

The Biden administration’s approach toward the Catholic Church has raised serious concerns among experts and conservatives. The administration’s actions, including using the FBI to infiltrate churches and the disparate treatment of Catholic individuals, highlight the necessity for continued vigilance to defend religious freedom and protect the Catholic faith.