Baltimore Mayor Tells Unvaccinated Citizens To ‘Shut Up’: ‘It’s Your Fault That We’re Going Back To Having An Indoor Mask Mandate’

Mayor Brandon Scott of Baltimore becomes the newest Democrat Mayor to make himself look like a fool. Covid-19 vaccinations will still allow the receiver to catch, spread, and become symptomatic from Covid-19. No questions about that fact. To say that unvaccinated individuals cause so many new Covid-19 infections is telling a huge lie. The Covid-19 vaccine is more of a treatment than a vaccine. It doesn’t eradicate the virus but seems to allow you to deal with it more easily.

Mayor Scott said, “For anyone that’s frustrated about wearing a mask and you’re not vaccinated, then look in the mirror. It’s your fault that we’re going back to having an indoor mask mandate.” But it’s Mayor Scott’s fault that the mandate is in place. He’s the one doing it. Perhaps he should be the one looking in the mirror.

It’s been a year and a half of Covid-19, and everyone can see what Covid-19 is and what it isn’t. You are less likely to have severe cases of Covid-19 if you are healthy and take care of yourself.

Mayor Scott isn’t only lying to everyone, and he’s inciting fear into the public about the unvaccinated. If medical practice goes the way it should, nobody should know your vaccination status. Just like an attorney, your doctor-patient privilege should always be intact. Neighbors, businesses, and even the government shouldn’t be allowed to know your vaccination status.

It has become a war against the unvaccinated. It’s unfair that you have to inject your body with any substance to be accepted in society. These politicians have made Americans hate other Americans for not being vaccinated. Politicians don’t decide what we do. We have freedoms and a constitution that protects us, or at least should, from tyrannical politicians just like Mayor Scott. We determine what we want in our politicians, and voting is the best way to prevent these unjust orders.

The Mayor also said, “Take it from me as a Covid survivor. Getting the vaccine can truly mean the difference between life and death.” He knows we can see him, right? He survived Covid. Maybe as a supplement to advising others to get vaccinated, he could give tips on staying healthy and positive through the infection and surviving for those who don’t want the vaccine. It’s optional, and not everybody will wish for the vaccine. To be a leader, you have to give solid suggestions on what will help regardless of the vaccine.

The worst thing Americans can hear is another politician pandering to the vaccine campaign. Though the vaccine will help those who haven’t gotten Covid yet, having natural immunity through infection does have its antibody benefits.