Arizona Makes Controversial Decision Regarding Non-Citizens

Within the past week, Arizona made national headlines. Much of this has to do with the state’s governor’s race between Republican Kari Lake and Democrat Katie Hobbs.

Across the country, many in the conservative movement expressed reservations about the election being called for Hobbs. This came after days of delayed vote counts and tabulation machines that stopped working on the day of the election.

How Lake proceeds going forward remains to be seen. Though as of late, Arizona is making headlines for a very different reason. This time, it pertains to the state’s voters granting non-citizens the college tuition rates that are reserved for in-state students.

Proposition 308
Residents of Arizona overwhelmingly backed Proposition 308. The in-state tuition rates proposed for individuals who are not U.S. citizens will therefore go into effect. This will include anyone who attended a high school in Arizona for a minimum of two years.

Thus far, the in-state tuition rate for undergraduates in the Grand Canyon State comes out to $11,000 each year. Proposition 308’s passing is being hailed by Democrats as yet another victory in the state where Republicans hoped to see a red wave.

Over the years, many conservatives have pointed out that proposals like this actually incentivize illegal immigration. These warnings have not stopped Democrats from pushing ahead regardless.

Bigger Fish to Fry
The passing of Proposition 308 turns a new spotlight on illegal immigration and its impacts on Arizona. As a border state, Arizona has come face-to-face with the dangerous impacts of people unlawfully trekking across the border.

In many cases, the drug trafficking of fentanyl and other narcotics goes hand-in-hand with illegal immigration. With Democrats gaining more political power in Arizona, it is unclear what will be done to actually reduce the rates of people crossing the southern border.

Arizona thus far — and under current Gov. Doug Ducey (R) — has been fighting to secure the border and stop the flow of illegal immigration into the state. However, if Hobbs takes the governor’s mansion, there is no telling what Arizona’s new strategy will be for handling unlawful immigration.

If it mirrors Biden’s tactics, Arizonans can very likely expect to see more illegal immigration directly impacting their communities.