Lauren Boebert Takes A Victory Lap

Many of this year’s midterm elections came down to the wire. These races were a big deal because they determined the outcome of congressional power for the next two years.

Democrats managed to keep the Senate under their thumb. However, the party lost control of the House of Representatives, due to Republicans outperforming expectations in several districts.

One of the most closely watched races was between Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) and Democratic challenger Adam Frisch. This race came down to the wire, with an automatic vote recount going into effect.

Though this did not stop Boebert from making note of her victory in this election.

A Win For Boebert
Earlier this week, the Colorado GOP congresswoman said the votes being recounted were not mathematically able to hand the race to Frisch. Therefore, Boebert thanked her voters and supporters, expressing her gratitude to serve another term in the House.

Boebert’s win over Frisch plays a vital role in Republicans securing the majority in the House. In her announcement, the congresswoman warned despite her victory, leftists will put out all stops to send her packing.

After declaring victory, Boebert received a call from Frisch in which he formally conceded the election. The Colorado Democrat also took to social media to inform his supporters that Boebert ultimately secured reelection.

Interestingly enough, Frisch even announced that his campaign team is not pushing for the recount of the race Boebert won. Instead, a recount happens automatically in Colorado when elections come this close to the wire.

A Win For America
With Boebert staying in Congress, this means one more House vote that will stand against the dangerous policies backed by the Biden administration.

Ending Democrats’ power monopoly was a huge goal for Republicans. The GOP ultimately succeeded, despite not being able to take back the Senate this go-round.

Boebert’s victory, along with the victories of other House Republicans, now ensures that Democrats in the White House will have to include the GOP in the legislative process.

When Democrats had the House and Senate under their thumb, they used this to freeze out Republican lawmakers and pass bills with zero GOP votes. The country today is all the worse off for it.

With considerable wins for House Republicans during the midterms, more attention is now being directed toward retaking the White House in 2024.