California Lawmaker Pushing Bill To Ban Excessive Homework

A lawmaker in California has introduced a bill that would limit the amount of homework teachers can assign students. AB 2999, dubbed “The Healthy Homework Act” would prohibit teachers from assigning students an excessive amount of homework.

Under the bill, educational agencies, school administration officials and local school board officials would be required to “develop, adopt, and update” homework policies “at least once every five years.” In doing that, they would have to look into research available regarding how homework impacts students’ physical and mental health.

Educational agencies, school administration officials and local school board officials would also be required to consider the reasonable amount of time students should spend on homework. They will also take into account that some students might have learning disabilities and that some might not have access to “the internet, computers, and learning tools.”

The bill was introduced by California State Assembly member Pilar Schiavo (D-CA) who told Fox40 that it would have a “huge impact” on students.

“I think this is going to make a huge impact for the students. The times have changed and our homework policies don’t always change with the times, so we need to make sure we are addressing issues that are effective and also don’t harm kids,” she stated.

“If it’s such a source of stress for kids, and we know taking stress off kids’ plates will make a difference in their mental health, this is something that can practically impact kids’ mental health overnight,” she said.

Schiavo reportedly came up with the legislation because her daughter, a sixth-grader, feels burdened and exhausted by the amount of homework she receives.

“Homework is exhausting. It’s overwhelming. It’s depressing that my whole day- from when I wake up to when I go to bed- is nearly all taken up with schoolwork,” Sofia Johnson said.

The bill reportedly has bipartisan support and passed the assembly education committee without any opposition.

Schiavo championed the effort in a post on X, announcing its advancement.

“With local control and input from teachers, students, and parents, #AB2999 aims to create supportive, equitable homework policies for our kids’ mental and physical health. Let’s make homework more supportive and less stressful!” she wrote.

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