Dem Rep. Robbed In San Francisco Ahead Of Dinner With Campaign Supporters

A Democrat lawmaker was robbed in San Francisco on Thursday on his way to a dinner with wealthy backers of his Senate campaign. No thanks to the thieves, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) had to show up to the campaign dinner without a suit, settling for shirt sleeves and a hiking vest, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Per the Chronicle, thieves broke into Schiff’s car which was parked in a downtown parking garage hours before the event at the Ristorante Rocca, an Italian restaurant located in Burlingame, a city near San Francisco. They reportedly stole his bags, which contained his clothes. However, he was reportedly not in the vehicle when the theft happened.

Present at the dinner was attorney Joe Cotchett, a top Democratic donor, who Schiff thanked for backing his campaign against Republican candidate Steve Garvey to occupy the seat occupied by late Dianne Feinstein (D-CA).

Confirming the incident to the outlet, Schiff said, “Yes, they took my bags. But I’m here to thank Joe.”

Despite the hitch, the dinner appeared to have gone well, as Cotchett commended Schiff as a potential addition to the Senate that will “change” the upper chamber.

“Adam really showed himself tonight. He’ll be a great senator — he’s going to change the Senate tremendously,” he said.

Per the Chronicle Cotchett’s press agent Lee Housekeeper, who was at the dinner, spoke to the outlet about the theft incident, saying, “I guess it’s ‘Welcome to San Francisco.’”

Suggesting that Schiff goes shopping with former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown, Housekeeper added, “Maybe he can go out with Willie Brown to choose a new suit from one of the many fine clothing establishments in San Francisco. Willie knows them all.”

The robbery is another episode in San Francisco and many California cities’ notoriety with crime in recent years.

Days before Schiff’s experience, San Jose Mayor Matt Mahan’s security guard was assaulted during an on-camera interview in downtown San Jose.

As narrated by KRON4, a local Bay Area news outlet: “While interviewing Mayor Matt Mahan in downtown San Jose, a man was shouting at us and fought Mayor Mahan’s security guard.”

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