Kamala Harris Mocked After Drew Barrymore Says She Needs To Be America’s ‘Mamala’

Actress Drew Barrymore got dragged on Monday when she tried to give Vice President Kamala Harris a nickname suggesting she is a mother to the country.

On a recent episode of Drew Barrymore’s daytime talk show, Barrymore asked Harris if she could be a mother to the entire United States.

“I’ve been thinking that we really all need a tremendous hug in the world right now, but in our country, we need you to be Mamala of the country,” Barrymore said.

Laughing, Harris responded, “Yeah.”

Elsewhere during the interview, the two women discussed the importance of never allowing “anybody take your power.”

They also spoke about comments on her laugh, an issue which made headlines early last month after Harris burst into laughter while discussing the work needed to be done on having more female leaders in the U.S. and in Africa.

Speaking to Barrymore, Harris said, “You were asking me earlier about what it means to be like the first woman. And you know, it’s funny because people still gotta get used to this, right?”

Barrymore then told Harris that she loved her laugh before the vice president went on to explain her big laugh.

But it was not that part of the conversation that drew attention but the “Mamala of the country” talk.

The exchange attracted mockery on social media, as political commentators pointed out that Americans do not want the vice president to be their “Momala.”

“Drew Barrymore participates in cringe worthy and fawning display with Kamala Harris,” Author Oli London commented with a video of the exchange.

Fox News host Will Cain commented, “Howard Stern refers to Joe Biden as the ‘Father of the Country.’ Drew Barrymore says Kamala needs to be our ‘Momala’. Who exactly is in a cult? These people aren’t looking for a leader they’re looking for surrogate parents.”

ACT for America chairman Brigitte Gabriel wrote, “Drew Barrymore is gaslighting, NO ONE wants Kamala Harris to be ‘Momala’ for the country.”

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