Taylor Greene Defends Pentagon Leaker

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene took a firm stance in support of Pentagon leaker Jake Teixeira in a series of tweets this week. Taylor Greene said that the Pentagon leaks show the extent of American involvement in the war between Ukraine and Russia and asked the Defense Department for answers.

Taylor Greene took to Twitter to defend Teixeira, a 21-year-old airman with the Air National Guard. Teixeira was arrested this week after allegedly leaking more than 100 sensitive Pentagon documents online.

Taylor Greene stated that many Americans consider Teixeira a hero and said that the young airman was being targeted for being a white male Christian against the war in Ukraine.

This, she said, made him an “enemy of the Biden regime.”

The Georgia representative said that Teixeira pulled “back the flimsy transparent curtain” and revealed, “what we suspected all along.”

She added that the documents may show evidence of “war crimes or treason,” but that Americans are being pressured not to talk about the leaks. “It’s classified and we might all turn Russian if we talk about it,” she said.

The representative went further, penning a letter to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin requesting details about the U.S.’s role in Ukraine.

Taylor Greene cited the documents’ revelation that nearly “100 special forces from Western countries, including more than a dozen Americans” are operating in Ukraine.

The Georgia Republican called Teixeira a “whistleblower exposing the corruption” of the Biden White House and that the president “has lied to the American people about the war in Ukraine.”

The letter asks the defense secretary several questions, including about the Pentagon’s transparency in the conflict. She asked how many “American servicemembers are currently stationed in Ukraine” and if Biden authorized “the placing of American troops in Ukraine, without the Constitutional approval needed from Congress.”

The statements also come after speculation that the Georgia Republican could be the running mate of former President Donald Trump in 2024.

Taylor Greene was asked the question at a recent forum to applause. The representative said that she would have to see how the Republican primary process played out.