Barrasso Calls For Firing Of University Leaders Over Anti-Israel Protests

Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY) said on Wednesday that university leaders who have enabled anti-Israeli protests on their campuses deserve to lose their jobs. In addition to having them fired from their jobs, the lawmaker said that these school leaders should have their federal funding pulled.

“Violent mobs are continuing to sweep across America’s campuses. And these are anti-Jewish mobs, pro-Hamas mobs. We have Jewish students on campus who are hearing the kind of threats that their great grandparents heard in Nazi Germany. And yet, the Biden administration and the Democrats across the country refuse to act,” Barrasso said.

“Jewish students have actually been chased out of the classroom and off campus. And yet, university administrators, they cater to the mobs. The pro-Hamas terrorists have been out there shutting down classrooms and they have canceled classes today at UCLA. Commencements have been canceled,” he added.

According to Barrasso, college university presidents and school administrators who “put extremism ahead of education” should “lose their jobs.”

“So, Joe Biden and the national Democrats try to downplay this un-American activity. That’s dangerous and it’s wrong. We have laws in this country to protect against violence, to protect students. Students have a right to be protected. Jewish students, all students on campus [have a right to be protected] from harassment, from discrimination,” he stated.

“But Joe Biden would rather waffle than act. And why is that? Why does he bow down to these pro-Hamas protesters? It’s because of the election coming up and he knows he needs their votes. That’s absolutely wrong. What the president ought to be doing is applying the law, returning order to campuses, and getting students back into the classroom,” he added.

Barrasso’s remarks come as pro-Hamas protests have been held in multiple major U.S. colleges and universities including Columbia University, where administrators had to shift to hybrid and remote learning for safety reasons.

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