The State Department Illustrates Just How Screwed We Are

China has successfully tested a next-generation hypersonic nuclear-capable glider to overcome our nuclear deterrent, and China Military Operation leaves US Officials dumbfounded. The technology, which the bright minds at the US Pentagon judged unneeded, reaches low orbit and then approaches its target from locations that conventional ballistic missiles could never reach.

According to the reports, the US State Department has made a necessary declaration regarding pronoun use, rather than confronting China’s aggressiveness. This test perplexed US officials, who couldn’t explain how China had improved so swiftly. It was also a reminder that we are in the midst of a new cold war with China and that China is not one of our allies. The communist country has vast ambitions, none of which include enabling the United States to continue to be the world’s most powerful nation.

The questions that arise are how many “days” do they need to commemorate social justice movements? And, to the degree that these events are anything more than narrative-driven press releases, who celebrates them? There has to be some crossover at this point.

Furthermore, the State Department is meant to act as a diplomatic wing, assisting in avoiding conflict and negotiating beneficial possibilities for Americans. Also, what does pronoun use have to do with the State Department’s purpose, anyway? That doesn’t appear to be inside their sphere of influence. But is Washington being ruled by five years old or managed by adults? That is the problem.

It can’t be imagined how China feels when they see something like this. They’re busy developing their navy, upgrading their weapons technology, and encouraging their warriors to be strong and manly. Meanwhile, people are concerned about whether a male who believes a woman is referred to by their preferred pronoun. It would have been regarded as satire a decade ago, but it’s real life now. This world would probably only offer a strongly worded lecture on gender orientation if China pushed our buttons right now.