Michael Rapaport Says He Might Vote For Trump

Comedian and actor Michael Rapaport might rather vote for former President Donald Trump over President Joe Biden as he went on a rant against the president’s policies. In a video shared to X on Friday, the Leftwing firebrand who has shelled a lot of anti-Trump rhetoric suggested that Trump might just be a better option for him than Biden if he does not deal with the country’s immigration problems.

Complaining that the Biden admin has been more focused on foreign issues than on issues the United States is actually grappling with, he said, “This is why when I say voting for pig d— Donald Trump is on the table, voting for pig d— Donald Trump is on the table!”

“The other day in New York City, six illegal aliens jumped a New York City cop. NYPD’s finest. They jumped a New York City cop in Times Square and were arrested and released without bail,” he added, referring to an incident last week in which two police officers were attacked by multiple illegal immigrants.

While the attackers were attacked, many of the men were released without bail, causing a great deal of controversy.

Reacting to the release of the suspects, Rapaport stated, “Released without bail. Came out of the courtroom on some Tupac – raising the middle finger with the Detroit Redwings jersey. Let me tell you something, what the f— is the world coming to if you could be from another country, beat up a cop in New York City and walk out with no f—— bail? What the f— is the world coming to?”

Going further on his rant, the Prison Break actor added, “On the same day that that happens, Cadaver Joe Biden issues an executive order about four a—— ‘settlers’ in Judea, Samaria – aka the West Bank. Some troublemakers, three of the four have already been arrested.”

Pointing out that the issue should not be a priority for the United States, he said, “You’re talking about that, but you’ve got nothing to say about motherf—— beating up cops in New York City? The greatest city on earth? Maybe my city is not the greatest city on earth anymore if you could beat up cops – If you could beat up cops in the ‘greatest city in the world’ and be released without bail. Are we the greatest city on earth? Cadaver Joe Biden, we see you! We f—— see you!”

Rapaport has said in the past that he would vote for Trump instead of Biden. During an X post last fall, he urged Biden to bring antisemitism under control in the United States.

“I’ve had conversations with some of my – if it comes down to pig d— Donald Trump and Smokin’ Joe Biden, I’m sorry. I am sorry. Voting for pig d— Donald Trump is on the table. I’m sorry!” he stated.

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