Jewish Student Sues New Jersey University Over ‘Laboratory Of Antisemitism’

A Jewish student sued Rutgers University in New Jersey for what was called a “laboratory of antisemitism.”

Rivka Schafer, in the lawsuit, accused the school of failing to protect Jewish students from antisemitic incidents while tolerating “bullying, intimidation, harassment, discrimination, and retaliation against Jewish students [which] denies them their right to an adequate educational environment.”

“Rivka Schafer is the latest victim of antisemitism on college campuses, and in particular at Rutgers, where it is open season on Jewish students,” the lawsuit stated.

After the October 7 terrorist attack on Israel by Hamas, this “hostility at Rutgers towards Jewish students spiraled out of control,” Rivka’s complaint stated, adding that a series of antisemitic incidents in the school sent this message to Jewish students: “Don’t support Israel, we know where you sleep.”

One of the incidents highlighted in the lawsuit had to do with the plastering of a poster right outside Schafer’s room. According to the complaint, the poster had a photo of Schafer from a couple of days before at an event in which Jewish students demonstrated their support for Israel and the Jewish community.

The photograph left outside Schafer’s room reportedly read, “Free Gaza,” “Free Palestine,” and “Vote ‘Yes’ to Divest.”

According to the lawsuit, “Schafer was terrified seeing this poster placed right outside their dorm room, started crying and walked down the hallway only to see the same poster plastered throughout the 2nd floor of Demarest Hall.”

The lawsuit also narrated the targeting of Schafer and other Jewish students on May 2. Per the lawsuit, a female protester in the encampment protest at Rudgers taunted the Jewish students and told them that “Hitler would have loved you.” She also “attempted to defend Hamas while equating their actions with the German Jews of the Warsaw Ghetto who fought back against the Nazi regime,”

After the incident, Schafer reportedly filed a Student Conduct Complaint and Bias Incident Report but did not see any disciplinary action taken against any student or organization over the incident.

In a statement to Fox News Digital, Rutgers University pointed to a message from the university in which its New Brunswick Chancellor Francine Conway hinted at the outcome of an investigation into an incident related to the one Schafer described.

“At Rutgers we abhor antisemitism and all forms of intolerance based on religion, national origin, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, ability, or political views. The university takes seriously every claim of bias, intolerance, and hate,” the statement read, adding, “Rutgers has policies in place for reporting and investigating bias incidents. When bias incidents are reported, we investigate them fully and take appropriate action, including working with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies when situations warrant to pursue thorough investigations and ensure the safety of Rutgers community members.”

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