Former Ohio Gov. Says Biden Probably Won’t Be Candidate

Former Republican governor of Ohio and MSNBC political analyst John Kasich suggested that President Joe Biden may not be the presidential nominee for the Democratic Party.

Pointing to polling data, Americans’ concerns on the economy and concerns regarding Biden’s cognitive health, Kasich said that there is a good chance that the party will end up choosing someone else for the election.

“I’m starting to wonder that there’s a real possibility that Joe Biden will not be the Democrat nominee,” Kasich stated.

Asked where he got the information, Kasich noted that Biden is trailing behind Trump in swing state polls.

“The fact that the economy is not turning, the fact that people are saying it’s a terrible economy for them, the fact that they’ve said they don’t have any confidence Joe Biden can fix it, his public appearances have not been very good, and now they’ve agreed to two debates, which is as out there as you can get,” Kasich stated.

He also said that his assertions are based on conversations with “a lot of people” and the poll numbers.

“I see what these numbers are like, Jose. I mean, you had a poll, that Siena poll, [that] indicated last week, not only did they think he couldn’t fix the economy – and they put Trump way ahead of him – but they also said they’re not sure he’s as competent as Trump,” he stated, adding, “I mean these are really significant numbers.”

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