‘Ridiculous’: Trump Vows To Eliminate Biden’s Climate Mandates

Former President Donald Trump reportedly vowed this week that he would reverse President Joe Biden’s policies that curb energy production. Trump made the promise during a meeting in Florida with a group of oil executives including representatives from Chevron, Exxon, Venture Global, Cheniere Energy and Continental Resources.

At the meeting, Trump urged the executives to boost his campaign with donations that run up to $1 billion.

As he sought the donations, Trump blasted Biden’s energy regulations and push for wind power, saying that a second Trump administration’s focus would be on oil and gas.

The Washington Post reported that Trump told the oil and gas execs that he would move immediately to reverse Biden’s block on granting permits for new liquified natural gas exports.

“You’ll get it on the first day,” the GOP presidential candidate promised.

Trump also promised to shoot down Biden’s new pollution standards for combustion engine vehicles, a policy which he called “ridiculous.”

He also said he would reverse actions taken by the Biden admin to reduce energy production in Alaska as well as auction off more leases for drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

In an April decision that drew controversy to the administration, the Department of Interior enacted a rule that blocks the auctioning of any new leases for oil drilling or mining on the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska. He also saw to the cancelation of the Keystone XL pipeline expansion.

Biden’s policies have impacted the oil industry in a great way, according to Canary CEO Dan Eberhart who pointed to a 10% decline in production since Trump left office.

“The administration just keeps throwing wet blankets at the industry, death by a thousand cuts. Why is that? Because the administration is not being helpful and not trying to increase supply, and it’s hurting consumers and they just don’t seem to care,” Eberhart told Fox News anchor Maria Bartiromo.

Trump’s bid to oil executives was backed by Dakota Republican Gov. Doug Burgum, who is seen as a potential vice presidential pick for Trump.

During a discussion with potential Trump donors in Palm Beach on Saturday, he emphasized Trump’s plan to reverse every Biden admin policy that works against the oil industry.

“What would be the No. 1 thing that President Trump could do on Day 1? It’s stop the hostile attack against all American energy, and I mean all. Whether it’s baseload electricity, whether it’s oil, whether it’s gas, whether it’s ethanol, there is an attack on liquid fuels,” he said.

“You all need EV cars. You don’t need internal combustion. We’ll decide what kind of car you’re going to drive, and we’re going to regulate the other ones out of business. I mean, it’s just in every industry, not just in cars, not just in energy. They’re telling people what stoves you can buy. This is not America,” he added.

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