Hunter Biden’s Political Prosecution And Juror Bias Claims In Gun Case Rejected

President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, saw his motion to dismiss his three felony gun charges denied on Thursday. His trial has now been set to begin in June 3 and will hold for three to six days, as decided by Judge Maryellen Noreika of the U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware.

An appeals court also ruled against his appeal filing in which he pointed to precedent about “former government officials claiming they are immunized from prosecution based on separation-of-powers principles.”

Hunter is, however, not a former government official.

In his attempt to get the charges against him dismissed, Hunter also claimed that the government was bound to a sort of “diversion agreement” that would have made the gun charges disappear before it fell apart.

The deal Hunter referred to was drafted by U.S. Attorney David Weiss. However, the agreement was reversed when it was revealed that the Department of Justice hamstrung investigators on the case.

In addition to the eyebrows raised over the fact that there is no single known case in which prosecutors agreed to such a generous “diversion agreement” for felony gun charges for any individual in the past, a probation officer also declined to approve the agreement.

Regardless of the suspicions of two-tiers of justice sparked by his attempt to wiggle his way out of his case, Hunter told the court that he is the victim of “selective and vindictive prosecution.”

While the judge has shot down that argument, Hunter’s attorneys have demanded documents to prove their claim, going as far as to demand sensitive information about grand jurors because “it remains possible that in this highly-politicized matter, the grand jury was selected without regard to the bias that people might have.”

The judge ruled that “there will be no such evidentiary hearing.”

Hunter’s legal team also tried to use the case to force the production of documents relating to former Trump administration officials, including former Attorney General Bill Barr. However, the judge shot down the attempt, saying, “Defendant has failed to show how any of the requested communications among former DOJ and Executive Branch officials could constitute exculpatory evidence.”

Hunter is charged with the illegal purchase of a gun while using drugs as well as lying on a federal firearms purchase form about the drug use despite his addiction.

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