Lawmaker Explains Why Illegal Aliens Convicted Of DUI Should Get Deported

Rep. Barry Moore (R-AL) explained the importance of his bill that passed the House on Thursday. The “Protect Our Communities from DUIs Act,” which passed 274-150 would allow the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents to deport illegal immigrants convicted of drunk driving.

Discussing the bill on “Breitbart News Daily” with host Mike Slater, he said, “If they catch these criminal illegals or criminal aliens here in the country, they’re drinking and driving, they just turn them loose in many cases. And so we just said, you know what, we’re gonna give local law enforcement and the judges the ability to deport them and make them inadmissible back into the country. And so it’s one of those things that I think it will protect citizens.”

He went on to point to how many illegal aliens get behind the will without a driving license and insurance. According to him, the bill would be a way to check their habits and curb drunk driving.

Explaining the importance of such a system, he stated, “If it was you and me, our insurance would be canceled, we’d probably get our driver’s license taken away. We had to have some sort of system to say hey, these people at least need to be gone. I can’t think of a more commonsense bill.”

Moore also addressed the opposition the bill received, as 150 House Democrats pulled a “np” vote. The opposing Democrats were led by Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) and were joined by House Minority Leader Jeffries

Tackling their argument, Moore said, “‘Well, what if you were just sitting in your driveway and you happen to be inebriated, you know, and your car was, you know…’ just, you would not believe this. Rep. [Pramilla] Jayapal (D-WA) got up and try to, you know, make this, ‘there’s always maybe one-half of one-tenth of one percent of a person who might have been sitting in their driveway drunk, who was here illegally, and had a beer in the car and the keys in the ignition, but, you know, they weren’t out driving and drinking, so why would we deport them?’ They don’t want any accountability on that side.”

Moore went further to highlight how much of a problem border security is for the U.S., as he said that the issue now transcends race, political parties or ideology.

Complaining about how much illegal immigrants are allowed to get away with, he said, “Man, we got a problem. These people are coming in, breaking our laws, they’re above our laws now. And they are just basically, you know, ten million of them, I think now. The State of Alabama’s entire population is only five million people. Joe Biden has magically replaced my state’s population in just thirty months.”

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