Biden Repeats False Claim About Inflation

President Joe Biden repeated a false claim about inflation during an interview with Yahoo Finance on Tuesday. The commander-in-chief told the news outlet that inflation stood at 9% when he took office in January 2021.

Biden, in his claim, was trying to give off the idea that the inflation rate was high when he took over the White House from President Donald Trump. According to him, the rate during his time in office had only gone “slightly up” and is “now down to about 3%.”

“The fact is that I think people are just uncertain and that’s why we’ve got to be steady — stay the course,” he said about Americans’ concerns about the economy.

Claiming that “pay for the jobs are outpacing the inflation rate they’re paying,” the president said, “We’re going to be able to deal with this,” adding that it would “take a little more time.”

It did not take long for journalists and critics to call him out on his wrong claim and make it clear that inflation was at 1.4% when he became president.

The Republican National Committee’s account posted a video of Biden’s gaffe, noting that he made the same false claim less than a week ago.

“Biden — for the second time in less than a week — falsely claims inflation “was at 9%” when he took office. It was 1.4%,” the account wrote.

RNC strategic communications director Tommy Pigott commented on RNC’s post, saying, “Who told him this? Is he lying or does he have no idea what’s going on? Inflation first hit 9% in June 2022, over a year after Biden took office.”

“Inflation didn’t begin accelerating until after Biden forced through his $1.9 trillion ‘stimulus,’” Pigott added.

Politicians also weighed in, with Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN), who is running for Senate writing, “All Biden does is LIE!”

Biden told CNN the same false claim last Wednesday, saying that “No president’s had the run we’ve had in terms of creating jobs and bringing down inflation. It was 9% percent when I came to office, 9%.”

In addition to the many political critics that pointed out his false claim, Trump blasted him, saying that he “lies about everything.”

“[Biden] lies about everything, including his golf game. Because he can’t hit a ball. He can’t hit a ball 100 yards,” Trump had said.

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