Learnt From Past Mistakes: Trump Vows To Tackle Corruption In Washington

In a fiery speech delivered at Turning Point USA’s Action conference in Florida a day after he pulled a no-show at a presidential candidate forum hosted by former Fox News host Tucker Carlson, former President Donald Trump declared his determination to confront the rampant corruption that plagues Washington, D.C. if he secures the White House again.

Trump’s promise is a recommitment to his promise in 2016 to “drain the swamp” during his initial campaign.

Now, he believes he is in a better position to fulfill that promise if he gets the chance to. With the benefit of hindsight from his first term, Trump expressed regret over his initial choices for key positions in his administration but assured his supporters that he had gained invaluable insight during his time in the White House and knows to do better now.

“I didn’t know the people,” he admitted. “I had to rely on people to give me names, and largely, we got great names, you know, we got the tax cut, we did so much, we rebuilt our military … but there are people that I wouldn’t have put there, and I will fire all of these corrupt bureaucrats.”

Vowing to eradicate the Deep State and every form of collusion within the U.S. political system upon his return to the Oval Office, the GOP presidential candidate declared, “And we know all the good ones now, you know, when I went there, I’d only been to Washington 17 times in my life, according to the fake news, and — 17 times, and never stayed there, so I wasn’t a Washington establishment person.”

Displaying his extensive knowledge of Washington’s political landscape, he is now confident that he possesses an unparalleled understanding of the people in Washington. 

“Now, better than maybe anybody else, I know the great ones, I know the smart ones, I know the dumb ones, I know the weak ones, I know the stupid ones — but I know the ones because I know everybody in Washington,” he said. “I got a — I got a PhD in learning about the people of Washington,” he stated.

Proposing a bold initiative, Trump promised to establish a “truth and reconciliation” commission that would declassify and make public all documents related to censorship and surveillance. By shedding light on these covert operations, the GOP frontrunner intends to restore transparency and accountability to the American government.

As part of his speech, Trump emphasized on his mission to “evict crooked Joe Biden,” calling him “the most dishonest president in history.”

“He is a corrupt, horrible incompetent man, and he is destroying our country and we have to have it changed. With God’s help, we are going to save America on November 5th, 2024,” he added, calling the upcoming presidential election even more important than that of 2016.

Concluding his speech on a high note, the former President outlined his commitment to “put America first” and “make America great again.”

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