Florida’s DeSantis Takes On Sensualization Of Children By Universities

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis recently spoke out against what he views as the corporate sensualization of children and the promotion of “gender studies” in universities. During a speech on July 26, he emphasized his commitment to protecting the innocence of children and challenging the influence of corporate America.

“If you can’t stand up for the protection of children, what good are you as a governor?” he asked.

The presidential candidate went on to express concern over the increasing peddling of harmful agendas. It doesn’t work to have a just society, because corporate America — unfortunately — has become polluted with ideology, and they’re pursuing agendas,” he stated.  

He firmly believes that American schools have become tainted with ideology and agenda and that this negatively impacts society.

Addressing the issue of the sensualization of children, DeSantis vowed to take a stand against anyone attempting to “rob children of their innocence.”


The following day, DeSantis put the blame on schools while he discussed the issue of student loan debt. During that discussion, he voiced the belief that taxpayers should not be burdened with paying off student debts. “I don’t think taxpayers should pick up the debt because you have a truck driver paying the debt for someone that got a degree in gender studies. That doesn’t make sense,” he stated.

Instead, he advocates for a shift in focus towards vocational training and the transfer of responsibility of loans to universities, as he voiced concerns about the promises made by universities, urging them to fulfill their traditional mission of providing education that leads to gainful employment.

“So we’re going to do two things. One, we’re going to deal with the loans by making the universities responsible for loans. If that is the case, you’re going to see things like gender studies dry up. They’re going to focus on engineering, they’re going to focus on things where they know people will be gainfully employed,” he asserted.

“But I would also shift student aid to vocational training. You can go through some of the technical training, welding, commercial vehicles, all this stuff — you’re making like a hundred grand by the time you’re 20 with no debt or very little debt,” he said further, adding that Florida has been doubling up on vocational training.

According to him, Florida has “done things like, we had been producing 600 truck drivers a year through our state college system before I became governor. Now we’re doing 3,500. These guys are getting $110,000 to drive for Walmart right now.”

Desantis’ take on the corporate sensualization of children is not surprising given his past criticism of the anomaly. Earlier in the month, he reportedly accused Disney of promoting the sensualization of children.

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