Bill Barr Believes Trump’s 2024 Chances Are Slim 

While former President Donald Trump’s candidacy continues to grow stronger within the GOP, a lifelong Republican who served under him has expressed skepticism about his chances in the 2024 presidential race.

In a recent interview on CNN’s “The Source,” former Attorney General Bill Barr expressed skepticism about former President Donald Trump’s chances in the 2024 presidential race while he discussed the current state of the Republican Party and how it could affect the upcoming elections.

When Anchor Kaitlan Collins questioned Barr about Trump’s surging popularity in the polls, Barr started by cautioning against placing too much trust in the polls, asserting that they can be misleading. 

“Actually, I think a lot of those polls are misleading. I think before the indictment by Bragg, he was hemorrhaging support. His numbers were dropping very quickly, and DeSantis was going up very quickly. Then the Bragg indictment hit, which was a political hit job, and that seems to have changed the dynamics for a while,” he said.

Barr believes that the underlying trends remain, and a significant portion of Trump’s supporters might be willing to change their stance. “ I saw a poll today saying that 46% of people who say they are for Trump now are willing to change,” he said.

Later in the interview, Barr candidly admitted that he is indeed making an effort to ensure Trump is not the nominee. 

He sees the Republican Party as having a great opportunity to broaden its base and appeal to a wider range of voters, as exemplified by conservative governors in states like Florida, Georgia, and Virginia who have achieved substantial victories. Barr believes this approach can be replicated on the national level, but he expresses skepticism about Trump’s ability to secure a decisive victory in a general election. 

Calling him a “three-time loser,” Barr predicts that Trump will likely face defeat once again on the national stage.

In his words: “ Trump has already shown that he cannot forge that kind of decisive victory at the national level. He is a three-time loser, and I think he will clearly lose again on the national level.”

Despite Barr’s concerns, it is evident that Trump remains a strong contender in GOP polls, maintaining a significant lead over other potential candidates. He even tied with President Joe Biden in a recent hypothetical election matchup.

As the 2024 presidential race unfolds, it will be interesting to observe how the dynamics within the Republican Party evolve and whether Barr’s warnings will impact Trump’s candidacy. For now, the spotlight remains on the former president, and only time will reveal how the conservative landscape may shift in the coming months.

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