The World Needs Trump Back As U.S. President, Farage Says

Brexit boss Nigel Farage is certain that former President Donald Trump’s return to the White House is not only good for the United States but for the world in general.

Speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington D.C. on Wednesday, he said that the world needs the GOP presidential candidate to be reelected to power and put an end to the wars that broke out under President Joe Biden.

“I think the world needs Trump more now than it ever did before, and I think even his fiercest critic would admit that in terms of foreign policy, he was a peacemaker,” he said.

He made his case further, stating, “His administration put in place the Abraham Accords, the beginnings of Israel forming bilateral relations with a number of Arab states. Saudi Arabia was on the verge of joining that club and that is why Hamas attacked on October 7th. He proved to be a great peacemaking president and we need him back on the world stage very badly and very quickly.”

Farage is not the only person that has expressed a belief in Trump’s ability to end the wars.

Earlier this month, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told the French news magazine Le Point that Trump is the only leader in the United States or Europe who can stop the war in Ukraine.

“Peace has a name, that of Donald Trump…“We should not forget that Trump was one of the most successful foreign policy presidents of the United States. Not a single war was started by him. And the Abraham Accords were the only serious chance to generate peace, balance and an acceptable form of life in the very difficult Middle East region,” he said.

“My personal conviction remains that if, in February 2022, the American president had been called Donald Trump, there would be no more war in Europe. Today I don’t see anyone other than him, neither in Europe nor in America, who is a leader strong enough to stop the war,” he added.

Orbán also stated that a second Trump presidency would generally be good for Europe. According to him, “ when Trump says ‘Make America Great Again’ or ‘America First’, it legitimizes us to say ‘Make Europe Great Again’ and ‘Europe First’. Put Europe first, put France first, put Hungary first.”

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