NY Gov. Says Border Crisis Is Republicans’ Fault

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul complained on Tuesday about how illegal aliens have overwhelmed her state. But instead of focusing on the main problem behind the border crisis which is the Biden administration, the Democrat leader decided to heap the blame on Republicans in Congress.

“I still believe that there can be bipartisan solutions,” she stated. “The institution is capable of it if you get the right people in there. And I’m going to work to make sure that we have the right people in there. And also even before next November’s election when I believe we will pick up the House, the Republicans in the state of New York, and there are ten of them, they have the power to caucus together, march down to Speaker [Mike] Johnson’s office and say, ‘we demand that you do something about the border, bring it to the floor and we will support it.’”

Making the assertion that the border issue is on Republicans, she urged them to find a solution, saying they “own” the problem as the November election draws closer.

In her words, “Use the power that has been given to you, because we are being so affected. “We have 175,000 migrants who came here — they came here for a better life, they came here for a job, but our city and its resources are absolutely overwhelmed. We need a break.”

“I’m working to get people jobs,” she added. “They’re here. I’m going to make them work and get them jobs. But until then, we need some relief at the border, and those Republicans, even in one state like New York, ten of them can make this happen. And if they don’t, this will be a wedge issue, a forceful issue against them this November as well. So I’m putting them on notice, you broke it, you now own it.”

A video of Hochul’s remarks was posted to X and users are not having it as many believe the situation at the border is the responsibility of Biden whose open policies have encouraged an influx of migrants hoping to get into the country from the southern border.

A user who saw Hochul’s comments as gaslighting, tweeted, “Gaslighting to the extreme. Biden owns it, he removed remain in Mexico day one. As a New Yorker I demand you stop stealing from me (taxes) and handing my money to people with no right to be here.”

A user pointed out that Hochul should not be complaining after she declared New York a sanctuary state.

“You told the world you are offering sanctuary. Not expecting consequences from that is on you. You don’t get a break,” the user wrote.

This would not be the first time Hochul would criticize congressional Republicans on the border issue. Earlier this month, her office said in a letter to nine Republican Congressional representatives that Republicans, who hold a majority in the House, have failed to deliver on immigration reforms that could help curb the influx of migrants into New York.

“Though Governor Hochul has spent months calling for significant federal aid, thus far you and your colleagues in the House Majority have refused to deliver,” the letter read in part.

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