Undercover Video Busts Indiana School Districts Hiding CRT Indoctrination

Any concerned parent in 2023 well knows there are some educators seeking to indoctrinate their little ones into radical leftist ideology. There is simply too much proof and too many examples.

Now, an Indiana school district assistant superintendent is caught on tape readily admitting the system’s efforts to impose critical race theory onto students while misleading parents on their curriculum. Many parents are justifiably outraged by the attempted deception.

An undercover video obtained by Accuracy in Media (AIM) exposed the startlingly frank admission by the administrator for the Plainview Community School Corporation.

Laura Delvecchio expressed her pride in the system’s ability to fly under the radar and keep what children are being exposed to away from parents. She even reported a “White privilege walk” carried out and concealed from concerned parents.

As Delvecchio expressed in the hidden camera interview, “We really — we stay under the radar. And we’d like to keep it that way.” She made clear she was referring to instruction on CRT and Social Emotional Learning, which is a backdoor approach to bringing CRT into the classroom.

And she was not the only one to make the confession to AIM’s investigators. Elkhart Community Schools assistant superintendent Brad Sheppard admitted that administrators “have to avoid the words, you know? The labels.”

Yet another system leader, Tracey Noe, is the assistant superintendent of curriculum, instruction, and assessment at Goshen Community Schools. She told AIM that the district’s equity and inclusion committee’s name was changed to avoid making it a target.

But, she confessed, it still carries out the same mission.

AIM investigators also heard of deceptive practices from Jenny Oakley, director of e-learning and literacy at Martinsville Schools Metropolitan School District. Her admission concerned textbooks used in the classroom.

As she explained, “We have talked to our textbook companies that are coming and doing presentations and I actually prep them a little because I’m like, ‘we want this in our curriculum so if you could just not specifically say this then it won’t cause a red flag with the community.”

There is little more disturbing than proof positive that school officials are deliberately working to deceive parents on what their children are being taught — under the guise of “education.” Unfortunately, in 2023 education has given way to indoctrination, no matter what it’s now called.

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