Tucker Carlson Reveals Epstein 911 Calls From Prison Deleted

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson revealed Wednesday that his staffers contacted the New York Police Department to get a copy of the 911 calls made after disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in his cell.

They were informed by authorities that the calls were deleted.

Carlson noted that in the nearly four years since Epstein died under suspicious circumstances in federal lockup, more questions than answers still remain. He told his audience that it is “more clear” that someone penetrated the facility and “murdered Jeffrey Epstein. But who?”

He observed that the Department of Justice (DOJ) insisted for four years that there is an investigation into Epstein’s death. His team periodically contacts the DOJ for an update, only to be told that the probe is ongoing.

According to Carlson, “We called today again. They told us they would complete and publish their report soon.”

In January, the influential conservative called on Congress to dig into the pedophile’s death. Then-Attorney General William Barr said shortly after Epstein was discovered that “no one’s going to believe it was a suicide.”

He was right.

Carlson noted that the only people to suffer punishment for the fiasco surrounding the financier’s death were two low-level guards. Even after both pled guilty, an Obama-appointed judge dismissed all charges against the two prison workers.

He also reported that forensic pathologist Michael Baden, who was present at Epstein’s autopsy, believed that the inmate had been murdered.

Baden added that he concluded death was due to strangulation. He said later that, after reviewing a thousands suicides by hanging in New York state, he could not find a single one that matched the injury sustained by Epstein.

Carlson related that he thought it would be beneficial to ask the NYPD about 911 calls made from the federal lock-up on the day of Epstein’s death. He said he was not surprised by the response that the call from the facility was deleted.

Officials told him it was “well past the 12-month retention period.”

The FBI, Carlson noted, has yet to respond to a request for 911 recordings from the federal lock-up. And while the mainstream media and federal authorities are more than ready to move on, he told his Fox News audience that he remains “interested.”

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