Trump Makes A Splash On Instagram After Two-Year Absence

Former President Donald Trump wasted no time making an impact on Instagram when he made his long-awaited return on Monday. The 2024 presidential candidate made his first post since Jan. 5, 2021.

That, of course, was the day before the Capitol incident.

This time the focus was not on the certification of contested election results but on promoting non-fungible tokens. Namely, pictures of himself with patriotic and iconic images for his many supporters.

Trump told his social media following, “I am pleased to inform you that, due to the great success of my previously launched DIGITAL TRADING CARDS, we are doing it again, SERIES 2, AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW.”

The former president then gave instructions on how to purchase the collectibles.

Some of the imagery featured artwork of Trump posing as a rock star, a firefighter, and in superhero garb.

Forbes reported that the first round of collectibles sold out in only one day, garnering an estimated $4.4 million in revenue. They were released on Dec. 15, and as Trump said in an audio recording on another post, “We almost broke the internet.”

One trading card image features Trump writing that he wants everyone to note that the prices of the cards have not changed since the first issue, “even though they are selling for MANY TIMES MORE.”

He noted that he could have increased the price much higher and sales would still flourish. Even so, the media is not likely to give him “nice guy credit,” Trump observed.

If fans are still anxious to get their hands on these digital trading cards, they are out of luck. Trump returned to Instagram to report that “as of 10 minutes ago, my Digital Trading Cards SOLD OUT in RECORD TIME, approximately $4.6 million.”

He thanked his supporters for the “great honor” and posted wishes for everyone to be “Happy, Healthy, and Wealthy.”

The former president has gradually made his way back to social media after being banned following the Capitol incident. He reappeared on Facebook on March 17, posting about the trading cards there as well as on his personal Truth Social platform.

He has yet to reappear on Twitter despite being allowed to do so.

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