SNL Blasted For Attempt To Mock Trump

NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” shot itself in the leg when it suggested that the year “debanking” was made up by former President Donald Trump.

Cast member Colin Jost was commenting on one of Trump’s recent speeches during the “Weekend Update” part of the show. In his words, “Trump did have a slight stumble this week while talking about banks, and he introduced an interesting new term called de-bank. I don’t know what the hell de-bank means, but you might have to take ‘de-ambulance’ to see ‘de-doctor.”

Jost was referring to Trump’s speech at New Hampshire last week, in which he said, “We’re also going to place strong protections to stop banks and regulators from trying to de-bank you from your— Your political beliefs, what they do! They want to de-bank you.”

While the SNL’s head writer was loudly ignorant of how real “debanking” is, it is a real term which is used to refer to banks closing accounts of people or organizations after perceiving them to be a threat financially, legally or reputation-wise. It can also be called “de-risking.”

The clip of the show segment made rounds on social media, as the show was ridiculed for its lack of understanding of an increasingly common term.

With a screenshot of the definition of the term, Twitchy’s Doug Powers wrote on X, “SNL’s in such a hurry to dunk on Trump that they made themselves look like idiots again.”

“The woke smugness from SNL is out of control,” conservative commentator Steve Guest added.

Former Trump official Michael Caputo weighed in, joking, “@ColinJost what’s it like to unintentionally make a complete joke of yourself and your entire team of unaware writers? A simple Google search would have saved you all the embarrassment.”

Another user wrote, “Poor SNL, it became a parody of itself a long time ago. A simple search explains what debanking means in really simple terms. But that is beyond SNL now. SNL lives in its own bubble.”

For California State Senate candidate Michael Oxford, the gaffe signified a much more bigger issue. “This is similar to when Dennis Prager said they are putting tampons in men’s bathrooms, and Bill Maher‘s entire audience laughed at him. The left doesn’t realize what’s happening, until it’s too late. Then their cognitive dissonance forces them to justify why it’s a good thing,” he tweeted.

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