Former Trump Admin Official Says Trump Will Lose General Election

Former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci said Thursday that former President Donald Trump will lose the presidential election in November even though he will win the Republican party’s nomination.

Speaking on “CNN This Morning,” the former Donald Trump White House official claimed that 50% of Republicans really want Trump, suggesting that he will not do well in the general election.

“He got 50ish percent of the vote, which means that 50% of the Republicans really don’t want him. Then when you do the exit polling, it was 43 in Iowa. 70 plus percent of the Haley voters in New Hampshire said, we’re not voting for Donald Trump in the election. That killed Hillary Clinton with the Bernie Sanders voters in ’16. Of course, Barack Obama got 75% of the Hillary Clinton voters in ’08,” he said, adding that Trump himself knows his chances in the election are bleak.

Scaramucci went on to suggest that this year’s election would not be so different for Trump than the 2020 election, as his popularity has not grown since then.

In his words, “I would submit to everybody listening, who is going to vote for Trump this time in 2024 that didn’t vote for him in 2020? Has he expanded his popularity? I would submit he hasn’t. Those exit polls show you he hasn’t. Of course, if you get a rock slide on the legal proceedings, he is in a lot of trouble. He knows that, he is not stupid, he knows he lost the election, he knows he is under the gun here as it relates to this campaign.”

He then made the big assertion, saying, “He knows that the mosaic of the country, this beautiful, colorful mosaic of the United States, has changed from 2016 to 2020 and now 2024. It’s a different country from a demographic perspective. He is going to lose. He will win the nomination, but I think it will set up the Republican Party for a renewal in 2028.”

Scaramucci’s remarks come after he promised to campaign for President Joe Biden if that’s what it takes to stop his old boss from reentering the White House.

“If Donald Trump is the nominee, I’m a patriot first, Jim, I’m a partisan second. This is a battle for the American democracy. This is a battle for freedom. When someone’s telling you they’re going to flex and be a dictator on day one and go after their adversaries, this is against the 200-plus-year experiment of America.”

He also warned last week that Trump “represents a danger” to Americans, attacking the presidential candidate’s call for full immunity for presidents.

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