Twitter Embraces New Identity With ‘X’ Logo Rebranding

Popular social media platform Twitter has undergone a dramatic transformation as owner Elon Musk unveiled its fresh look. Early on Monday morning, the iconic blue bird logo that has long symbolized the platform was replaced with a new, striking black-and-white “X,” signaling the dawn of a new era for the platform.

In an announcement made the day before, Musk revealed his intention to change the company’s name from “Twitter Inc.” to “X Corp.” This move was a part of his grand plan to rebrand Twitter as “X, the everything app” after his acquisition of the platform back in October 2022. Reports also state that the company was renamed to “X-corporation” in business documents.

The logo shift towards a black-and-white aesthetic was confirmed by Musk himself over the weekend as he shared plans to move away from the traditional light blue theme and gradually phase out the bird-related imagery. 

“And soon we shall bid adieu to the Twitter brand and, gradually, all the birds,” he tweeted with a hint of excitement in the early hours of Sunday.

The changes did not end with the logo. Twitter’s headquarters in San Francisco also proudly displayed the new “X” logo on its facade, showcasing the platform’s shift towards a black-and-white themed identity. 

Musk revealed the change in a tweet, sharing an image of the “X” logo projected onto the building’s exterior.

The logo overhaul is just one of the many changes the platform has seen under Musk’s leadership. Since his takeover, Twitter has introduced a monthly subscription service that allows users access to additional features, increased the character limit for tweets, incorporated job postings for businesses and eliminated verification for most non-paying users.

In a recent move that sparked backlash, the platform placed a daily limit on the number of tweets users can view, granting a higher threshold to subscribing and verified users.

Yet another change might be underway as the platform announced that it would place a limit on the number of DMs non-subscribing users can receive daily in order to reduce spam. However, details on that have not been released at this time.

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