Hawley Reveals Decades Of Government Deception On Coldwater Creek Radioactive Waste

In a compelling and exclusive interview with Breitbart News, Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) exposed a disturbing truth that the federal government had been concealing for years regarding the contamination of Coldwater Creek in St. Louis, Missouri, with radioactive waste. 

The senator’s revelation points to a long history of lies and negligence by the government, dating back to the Manhattan Project era.

Speaking at the 2023 Turning Point Action Conference in West Palm Beach, Florida, Hawley unveiled the disheartening reality: “[The government] got away with it just by lying for years. They were the only ones, the federal government, that had the studies. This dates back to the Manhattan Project. St. Louis was a major uranium processing center.”

Per Hawley, the government’s actions were deeply troubling as they not only involved dumping uranium and waste materials into the creek and soil but also engaged in a prolonged cover-up. 

According to Senator Hawley, they knew about the severe contamination problem since at least the 1970s but chose to conceal it.

“But now, thanks to a group of brave mothers, who got 15,000 documents in FOIA requests, what [the government have] done is coming to light,” he added.

The documents shared with various media outlets exposed the Coldwater Creek’s contamination with nuclear waste left behind from World War II’s atomic bomb construction efforts. 

The Associated Press reported that both the federal government and companies involved in nuclear bomb production were fully aware of “health risks, spills, improperly stored contaminants and other problems,” yet they repeatedly turned a blind eye to them.

The consequences of this negligence and deception have affected innocent lives, inflicting potential harm and suffering on the people of St. Louis as federal health investigators discovered an increased cancer risk for some people who played in a creek contaminated with uranium waste as children.

While the AP review found no evidence of criminal wrongdoing, it revealed a pattern of missed opportunities where the government as well as companies and contractors could have addressed significant problems but chose not to act responsibly.

Having constantly drawn attention to the Coldwater Creek contamination disaster, Hawley went on to speak about his plans to introduce a bill that would hold the federal government accountable for the medical bills of those who have fallen ill due to the contamination.

“It’s a very simple concept. The federal government has poisoned the air and water of so many people in the St. Louis region: they need to pay for the people who are sick because of it,” Hawley stated during an interview with Breitbart News.

“This is… basic – if the government has created this disaster, and they have, the government needs to clean it up and then take care of it,” he added.


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