SWAT Teams Surround Trump Tower Following Entry By Armed Woman

A portion of the Trump International Hotel and Tower in Chicago was reportedly locked down after a woman armed with a rifle allegedly entered the building.

A woman who was not named was seen going into a hotel by the Chicago River on Wednesday morning just before 11:30 a.m., according to reports. It is possible her actions were pertaining to a domestic dispute, with authorities claiming she indicated she “was tired of being abused by her husband.”

No reports of injuries have come out since the incident, with the woman being detained and transported to a local hospital for an evaluation. WGN9 Chicago reported that authorities have concluded the incident.

One resident of Trump Tower, who says his name is Steve, offered his account of events to WBBM.

“I was just doing some housework and some cooking and I decided to take some fresh air,” he explained. “I came down to the lobby and I was quickly escorted away from the lobby, out of the building, and was told not to come back until it was clear.”

“I asked several times what was going on and they wouldn’t acknowledge.”

There is a possibility the woman is a resident of the building, with BlazeMedia reporting that it allows for both temporary stays and longer-term housing along with purchase options for certain units. According to the outlet, SWAT teams promptly rushed into action, running towards an apartment on the 27th floor where the woman allegedly had gone. There were no reports of any gunfire or violent disputes during the incident, and Chicago police have said the public is not currently at risk.

This news comes amidst the arraignment of Trump Organization founder and former President Donald Trump, who has now been charged with 34 felonies following a probe opened up by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. Trump appeared at a New York City court to plead not guilty on Tuesday, before going back to Mar-a-Lago. Upon returning home, the former president delivered a grand speech in which he announced his innocence and lambasted the process as a politically motivated “witch hunt.”

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