BlazeMedia Video Shows Protestors Gone Wild

Following the arraignment of former President Donald Trump, which many argue was done out of sole political motivation rather than the interest of pursuing justice, many have taken to the streets to make themselves heard.

This indictment is unprecedented, as Trump is now the first president in U.S. history to have criminal charges filed against him. A grand jury led by Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg officially approved the charges, with the former president now facing over 30 counts of falsifying business records, including felony charges.

Yahoo! News reported that Trump has been slapped with 34 felony counts.

The insanity surrounding the case was covered by Sara Gonzales, Chad Prather, and Blake Kresses during a recent broadcast of “The News & Why It Matters.”

“The left’s view is, ‘Well, the Founders aren’t here. This is our country now.’ And it truly is. We’ve [ceded] every institution to the radical left,” Kresses asserted.

Kresses promised he is “standing back and standing by for President Trump,” adding that his “loyalty will never be shaken.”

“It’s kangaroo court — banana republic. If we go down this route, we’re doomed … This is about to be really really bad,” commented Prather.

“We just went through a midterm where we have exposed so much radical ideology,” Gonzales explained. “They’re trying to teach all white kids in public schools that they’re racist. They’re trying to groom your children. … They’re doing all of these things, and you would think, ‘OK, that would be the line. That’s our line in the sand. We can’t allow that to happen; we’ve got to do something else,’ and [independents] still didn’t do it.”

The video went viral, being shared by numerous accounts across Twitter.

At one point, the report showed a clip of a woman stomping on a flag that reads, “TRUMP LIES ALL THE TIME.”

Tensions have flared high since Trump’s indictment. According to BlazeMedia, protestors with varying opinions gathered around Manhattan to express their views on the matter. At one point, a woman sporting whiteface screamed in the face of American journalist Savanah Hernandez, yelling, “F*** white people.”

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