Washington Post Columnist Asks Harris To ‘Step Aside’

A call has been made for Vice President Kamala Harris to step down. In an opinion published on Friday, The Washington Post columnist Kathleen Parker called the vice president’s performance “disappointing.”

“The Kamala conundrum comes down to this: She was picked because she was Black and female, a combo tantamount to job security. Now that she has become a burden to the Democratic ticket, Biden can’t fire her. He can’t risk alienating his base. Full stop. The seriousness of this situation can’t be overstated. Biden’s diminishing faculties, notwithstanding his relatively successful State of the Union address, and his increasing physical frailty are concerning,” the piece read.

“Whatever the reasons, it has seemed that Harris’s role was to be quiet, lest she embarrass her boss with her sometimes inane, rambling remarks and a laugh that erupts from nowhere about nothing obvious to others,” Parker added.

Parker’s major case was for Harris to “step aside” from President Joe Biden’s ticket for the 2024 election for the country’s sake.

Noting Harris’ unpopularity with voters, Parker stated that the vice president’s popularity was not likely to go up if she happens to become president if something happens to President Joe Biden and she steps up to his role.

“There’s no reason to think her ranking would spike were she suddenly promoted to the Oval Office. Instead, most signs point to disaster. This is why I propose with all due respect that Harris step away from the ticket,” she argued.

“Please, Madame Vice President, do it for your country,” the columnist pleaded.

Harris’ popularity has consistently tanked, with a USA Today/Suffolk University poll from early March finding her more unpopular than Biden and former President Donald Trump.

Despite that, Harris does not appear to have plans to step down of her own volition. In contrast, she remains confident in her performance, saying during a recent interview that she was “ready to serve” amid concerns about Biden’s mental fitness to serve.

Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, she also said that everyone who sees her on the job “walks away fully aware” of her capacity to lead.

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