Sam Brinton Arrested Third Time, Faces Grand Larceny Charges

Sam Brinton, a self-proclaimed “nonbinary” activist and former Department of Energy official, has been arrested once more, this time on charges of alleged luggage theft. The arrest on Wednesday night took place at his Rockville residence, where he was apprehended as a “fugitive from justice.” 

According to a spokesperson for the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA), the airport police, in collaboration with the Montgomery County Police, executed a search warrant on May 17, following reports of stolen property from Reagan National Airport. 

The authorities identified Samuel Otis Brinton, 35, as the prime suspect. He was subsequently taken into custody pending charges of Grand Larceny.

Eyewitnesses reported observing four unmarked police vehicles and witnessing Brinton being escorted out of their residence in handcuffs after a prolonged duration. According to a neighbor, his husband Kevin was not allowed to leave.

During Brinton’s court appearance via closed-circuit television on Thursday, Judge Victor Del Pino denied his request for release made by a public defender and ordered his extradition to Virginia, where the charges originated.

The public defender highlighted Brinton’s occupation as a nuclear engineer at the nuclear startup GeoFission, stressing that his employment would be preserved if he was released to voluntarily turn himself into Virginia authorities. However, the judge remained unconvinced and affirmed his decision regarding the extradition.

This latest arrest comes on the heels of Brinton’s previous encounters with the law. He was previously arrested for misdemeanor theft at Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas, where he was captured on video allegedly stealing luggage. 

While he was initially charged with a felony, Brinton managed to avoid jail time by agreeing to pay restitution to the victim and receiving a suspended 180-day sentence, contingent upon maintaining good behavior.

He also faced similar charges for stealing a woman’s suitcase at the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport in 2022.

The controversy surrounding Brinton in relation to stolen women’s clothes deepened in February when Tanzanian fashion designer Asia Odorous Khamsin accused him of stealing her luggage at Reagan National Airport in 2018 as she was going to a fashion show.

Khamsin appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight in March, recounting the traumatic experience that rendered her unable to showcase her designs as planned. According to her, she would later be stunned when the former Biden official was photographed wearing one of her distinct designs, which had been inside the stolen suitcase.

While authorities have not provided further details of the current arrest, Khamsin’s lawyer told The Post that the charges are related to her case.

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